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     As a busy mum of four I get bogged down with having to cook, run car pools and keep a four bedroom house. Once I realised I no longer had the time to clean my own home I did some research and came across BeckenhamCarpetCleaners, and am I glad that I did. Your company has literally given me a new lease of life and allows me to spend and enjoy more time with my children! Excellent service and lovely staff!
Carol R.15/01/2015
     I was fed up of trying to keep on top of the cleaning in my office. I decided to use a cleaning company I had seen in the area for a while. BeckenhamCarpetCleaners were easy to deal with and made the necessary arrangements to get the cleaning sorted. I had a deep clean first so I could get everything back in order, then I now booked a weekly appointment. I am happy with the workers and the rates. The work is done efficiently and promptly. The office always looks immaculate which is good for appearances.
M. Harrington24/11/2014
     I need my house cleaning quite regularly now that I am back in full time employment and I just do not have the time for it myself and so I ended up making enquiries with BeckenhamCarpetCleaners who gave me a low price quote and I thought I would give them a try. I would not regret my choice for a second as they have offered such a consistently brilliant service. My regular cleaner is polite and proficient, always on time and always gets the whole place clean.
Christian O.09/10/2014
     Over the past few weeks or so I've been hard at work refurbishing my home for potential tenants. It's took a lot of hard work to get all of the home improvement done, that I felt I deserved a small break. BeckenhamCarpetCleaners was available to take care of the cleaning once everything was done, and for that I'm incredibly thankful! They did a marvelous job overall, and didn't make me go over budget. Their cleaners were friendly, and the whole experience was very positive indeed! This company was a big help to me, and I would recommend them to anyone.

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